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Did anyone stay at Hotel Montesol this summer and have a room facing the back of the building which was next door?????? We had some neighbours which were quite digital-camera happy and wondering if any of you were victims of their preverse crime!!! Haa haa!!! Actually made friends with them after the fact but not quite sure I believe that no-one else was their target!!!!!! I would really love to know!!!
what kind of pictures did they take?


This reminds of me of wot I seen from my window 2001!

Cant really post it in general tho ;)

ha ha ha
stayed in the Montesol in 2002 - is an ok hotel, rooms aren´t that nice (and compared a bit expensive, but then it´s more of a city hotel for short stays and not a tourist 2 weeks hotel), but it´s RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE.

And sitting in the cafe outside is nice for ppl watching
how about the paintings they have inside? really curious!! :eek:
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and talking about paintings:

Hotel Montesol Art.
The famous hotel Montesol in Ibiza Town is staging a fantastic exhibition until the end of the month featuring the paintings of German artist & frequent visitor to the island, Bettina Dyhringer. Many of the passionate paintings presented by Bettina feature scenes from the café of the Hotel Montesol which Bettina has always used as her "local" when she is in Ibiza Town. All the 30 paintings on display in the hotel are for sale &, as they are purchased, Bettina will replace them with more examples of her work so that the exhibition is constantly evolving & is always fresh & interesting for those visiting the café in the hotel this month.

(the ibiza sun)
btw: marisol is very depressing...I remember it , used to be the! location in ibiza town years ago, just a normal tourist cafe... :(
I can't really recommend this place - its really unpersonal and unfriendly, if you dont get one of those rooms on the outside facing the road you stuck in a cupboard hovel inside with no windows, with very unobliging management.