monterrey apts in san an bay....


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any one know what these apts are like ?
going over in august
are the really far away, isolated etc
there really nice apartments big pool,polite enough staff only problem is that there an hour away from san an town u have to cross a main road and walk up two massive tracks to get there slap bang in the middle of nowhere with a load of mountains behind it,looks like your gonna have to save up for them taxi fares.
oh noooo
ah sure nevermind ill just ave to get get taxis
i dont hink there that expensive anyways
i cant wait for it now 5 weeks today and ill be on me way :D 8) :D

i hate to be annoying askin all these questions but am i really far from the sunset strip like cafe del mar and coastline
are there many bars around the bay nearer the monterrey for watchin the sunset
I stayed there 3 years ago... It is too far to walk from there to the Sunset strip. It took me an hour one night from Bar M to get home.

The apartments themselves are OK it's just the location (and the pool is full of salty water)

It is about half a mile back from the sea...uphill and the bar next door (Winch's) is owned by an English family but is more of a quiet pub.

We used the place as a sleeping point only. Went out in the morning (ish)to Kanya / Coastline and came back after sunset before going out clubbing.

It's not that bad really. Just accept it for what it is and get on with your holiday. we did and we managed OK :)
stayed here in 2001. You can get the boat across but the last ine back from san an town beach is about 18.00 and then they start again at about 21.00 i think. Taxi is fairly cheap though. We walked the first night and it took us ages - never again