Monteray, whereabouts


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Hello, i stay in monteray san an from aug 29.
How far from the hub of San An. how far from west end? is it worth goign tothe west end strip?
How far from San An to Ibiza Town? is bus the best option? also what does it cost? also what's the cheapest way into clubs? get discount flyers from pre-club bars??
thanks for the replies!
joe - ireland.
We stayed in the Monterey 2 years ago and it's basic enough but quite a way from the West End!!

It is in San An Bay about half a mile up the hill away from the water up a track with a bar called Winch's right outside which is owned by a British family.

It has a pool and a shop and there seemed to be a lot of Irish people there when we stayed.

To walk down the hill and round the bay to San Antonio will take a good half hour and you have to go past all the looky looky men and women who hassle you or you can walk pretty much straight down to the water's edge and catch a boat across. Only a couple of euros (was back then) and much nicer, but they stop at midnight I think.

The West end is hated by some but is tailor made for cheap drinking, fast food messy nights out. If that's your sort of thing, you have found your mecca!

If, on the other hand you want to explore and see something a little different then I would strongly reccommend the bars & restaurants along the marina in Ibiza Town.

There are regular busses from San Antonio and they are pretty inexpensive but if there's a few of you a taxi may be a quicker option and not that much more expensive when you split the bill.

Have a search through some of the posts on this forum as there are plenty of people with far more experience than me with plenty to say about places to go and things to see.

Have a good trip.

Stayed there last year, and the hotel is basic, but clean which was good enough for us. Cheap food and drink in the hotel, nice pool, in fact everything you need.
Now for the down side. The place is f**king miles away from San An, so a walk down to the sunset strip (which is the best thing about San An and the only reason I stay there) for a few beers before getting ready for your night out is a right mess about. Like Jam Man said the water taxi is a godsend, but it's still a hike to get to that.
And when walking back, somewhat pickled, it seemed to take forever to climb the hill up to the hotel. But put it this way, at least you'll keep fit!!
Maybe I'm painting too dull a picture as this was the only bad thing and the only reason I wouldn't stay there again.
Get tickets for clubs from just about anywhere, taxi's are the way to go to Ibiza and PDB. Inexpensive (17E) and quick.
Enjoy it, I arrive a few days after you and can't wait!!!!!
Stayed there last year.It was ok, i personaly wouldnt stay again, it is a long walk away from the main road, and there are not alot of bars etc near, the west end is ages away, but if you walk down to the beach you can get a small boat which is 2euro.It is a great and cheap way to get there, Apartments are clean, basic and a studio is so small, nice views over the mountains.Staff are funny about bringing ones back to your room ,and noise is not allowed,you will get warnings posted trough your door.Girls I met last year left because they got hassel.I was played my beat box and got a bit of hassel, this was at the end of sep and the place was half empty, not at all amused.
But it could have changed from last year, nice cafe and bar, cheap food, pool table and large swimming pool. :rolleyes:
just got back from there on friday the apartments itself are grand ,
nice and clean air conditioned but they are miles away we had to get taxis everywhere and there is a major shortage of taxis in ibiza, expect to be wait at least one hour in the monterrey for one
the winches restaurant around the corner from it is lovely.
the apartments are quite quiet as well and there were a few families there too. we had parties most nights and we were grand as long as you dont have the tunes blaring you will be okay!!!

enjoy your holiday lucky bastard!!