Money Exchange


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Picked up the tickets yesterday and the chap at Thomas Cook mentioned about changing up money. I said that I normally just use the cash points over there but he said it's different now and I would loose out... Normally I would expect to pay around a fiver in charges and then whatever the exchange rate is at the time. He seems to think that the banks there would now take 6% of whatever I change up!!

Is this true, or was he drumming up business for the foreign exchange at Thomas Cook!?

I mentioned this to the old man who said I should find out at where we are staying whether they have an exchange facility and see what the set up is with them (Jet Appartments).

I could have swore I read somewhere that they do do this.... Do they have an email addy as I couldn't find one on the website?

just near the fag shop is a atm machine.turn right out off jet.turn right again along main strip palm trees.its on the right a few shops up. plus a little further up on the other side where the bowling alley is.there is a atm.check with your bank before you go.i don;t think its thats much.but if you do draw money out.don;t just get say 100 euro.s go for the max of 300 at a time.small amounts are no will get stung on card would of been charge at all.

when you going out anyway