From what I have read about manumission, I get the feeling its more about the show then the music.
I am going to Ibiza to dance my pants off, should I look at somwhere else for monday night? its a fair few kiwi dollero's just to get in the door.
Is it the "must see" it's made out to be considering we are @ Space on sunday and Pacha on tuesday.
manumission - well it is a big show and the club is incredible, and of course you can dance your arse off, hell u can dance anywhere on the island ;)
if u have never done it i suggest do it once, if you wanna save a bob or two this wouldn't be big deal if you missed it


Guess I will just have to decide on the day.
Has any one stayed at the Hostal Talamanca? and is it any good? I hope they dont mind a bit of noise.. just a wee bit :) Were pretty polite just tend to get all excited before a big night :twisted: of dancin.
Leave on Friday 4th of July.
Well the show is good but it does interupt the dancing... but the best bit is the side room/bar so you needent let it be a problem because the party in there goes right off all night without pause. The show is pretty good though. When the fat guy in the pink thong stepped out on the top stage and sang "Imagine" by John lennon, it really was a sight to remember! Worth a visit for sure.
That would've been Har Mar Superstar then. He is one reason to go to Manumission.
Cocoon@Amnesia huh?
Ok just had a quick read up and sounds like the terrace is the place for me
I gotta admit I do like a bit of a funkier sound then the harder stuff.
Hmmmm this a tricky decision. Looks pretty mad and a bit cheaper then manumission.
Cheers for the tip now I got to persuade the rest of the team.
Hey too many choices. Maybe I will just stay in my room and play yahtzee and boggle. ;)
Thanks for the help though.
The pictures I saw of Hostal Talamanca had several pensioners in them... that does not bode well for a party friendly environment. eek.
Oh well theres always the beach or local jail.
Specially if I bring the smoke machine and charge fiver on the door. :D
I saw manummision as more of an adventure...still spaced from space...i was in my element creeping around the nooks and crannies (or should that be trannies?? ;) ) and i really enjoyed it in the state i was in. No energy, just looking around going ' WOW'

Cheers, Thanks, Bye

I like the gardens in Privilege. It’s nice to sit and have a drink and chat (if you can get a seat that is ) And I love watching the sun rise from the dome. :D