mobile phones



So in the U.S. they have mobiles that you can purchase and throw away when your done with the minutes on it and they are relativey cheap.

Is there such a thing in Spain and if so how much do they cost??
hugoboss, I'm from New York as well. When you're in Spain/Ibiza you can purchase a "free" phone from Vodafone or Movistar for approx 69-100Euros. "Free" because you're able to change SIM cards with any other phone company. So if you decide to go to Amsterdam, Italy, France, etc.. you have the same phone but you just purchase a SIM card with pre-paid minutes in each country. A mobile in Europe is an absolute essential!
you can buy phones that u can use all over the world for about that price and can bye ''credit'' for it...might be easier upgrading your phone so you can use it every where.
I'm off to New York soon for a few months + want to sort out a mobile - so I can text all my buddies at home!! Made enquires about a "tri-band" phone but they are quite expensive. What's the deal with getting throw away mobiles mentioned above? How much do they cost? Can I text Ireland? etc...

Thanks a mil 8) 8)