Mobile GSM/GPRS Access while in Ibiza



Even though I am coming to get away from work I still need to have access to some of my clients servers. Do you know if any of the mobile networks support GPRS? I've booked the Bahia and it says it has internet access but I'm not sure what they are offering. Anyone been before?

I work for Vodafone over here in spain. You have GSM/GPRS access in everypart of the island. Although GPRS in summer would go slower as the net gives preference to voice calls.
do you know how many channels would be offered? I need to be able to route PPTP over it as well. (sorry to everyone else, I'm getting far to geeky for this time of day!)
4 down channels, 2 upchannels, but dont count with all of them as there is so many people in ibiza in summer. Net is not fully prepared for that kind of traffic