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Is the mobile bars sector a saturated market in Ibiza?

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Hal Hutchison

New Member
Hi all,

I visited Ibiza earlier this year from the UK and should soon be visiting again for the closing party, next year I will be starting up my company operations in Ibiza and look to have a partner(s) to work with.

My company specialises in molecular mixology & high end drinks using rare & exotic ingredients. We also have a mobile bar here in the UK which we spent around £10k building from scratch, made to our exact specification from aluminium, steel & acrylic.

We would like to work with a pre-existing mobile bars company or cocktails company, bar or club. We also supply bars in the UK with Dry Ice which we would also do in Ibiza with a manufacturing factory which will again be built next year. We already have a partnership with a very large premium vodka brand.

I’m hoping to have a conversation about this, in an ideal world rather than having competition we can amalgamate and both sides can reap the rewards.

I have yet to see any bar useing dry ice in cocktails, why is this? I am looking to start a manufactureing facility for food-grade dry ice for cocktails such as on my website. We operate shot girls in the UK clubs and thy work very well.

Let me know any thoughts, feel free to view my website and also a recent promotional vid -

Kind regards,