Mixing using Soundforge 8


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Hi folks

Looking for some help.

Normally I do not mix in this way, however I am currently in Australia, my decks are in Scotland and I desperately need to do a mix using soundforge.

Can any one help. I have figured out how to paste two tracks, and mark the position where you want the mix to begin, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to beat match the two songs. Sounds like a train wreck when they come together. One is sitting at 128, and the other 124. I have tried to manually type in the bpm but with no success.

Any suggestions would be great.
I didn't think that you could beat match in sound forge. I haven't used it for years though.

I know that this doesn't answer your question, but I'd recommend downloading a free trial version of Ableton. You might just fall in love with it, especially if you travel often. I think it's a fantastic and fun program.

Haven't really broken out my 1200s since I started up with Ableton...
No you can. I've never done it but I have a theory, because, I know you can change the tempo of a song.

I think if you highlight the song, go to the 'Special' tab up the top and click 'Edit Tempo', you can make them both the same speed, then I suppose it would almost be like trying to mix on a Dj program, match the two visuals. Ummmmmmm ALSO!!! I think if you go to the 'Tools' tab you may be able to find one that lets you move the row along so you can get it over the beat you want. Then I guess also, you could highlight bits and twiddle with EQ, as I said I haven't done it before.

Where abouts in Australia are you from? Cos, I'm here in Melbourne, maybe I could help you out in some way?
if you need to put together a mix in a hurry, buy the lite version of mixmeister for about $30 or something

its not great, but its perfect for that kinda thing.
sound forge will take you for ever. I use it to record my mixes, but, I hook turntables up etc and use those, not, the actual program. Last night actually I tried to use it to clean up a mix I'd made, just ****ing around. It was horrible as a Dj program but as a tool for cleaning audio quality etc it's pretty decent. I wouldn't use it to create a peice but as a finisher upper it's decent.
Thats what I thought guys.

Thanks for the replies.

I am from Glasgow in Scotland, but am in OZ for a year. Currently staying in Sydney, and then heading up to Queensland, but was down in Melbourne last week. Loved it. Went to St Kilda, MCG & Ramsay St of course :)