Missus has just dropped a bombshell

Dave 1

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I was planning a surprise return for myself & the missus in June without the kids so have been looking around offlate for a good cheap deal only i needn't bother now as she's just phoned to say we're off to Kefanlonia (Greek Island) last week in June with the children in tow:x. Obviously she had no idea what i was planning & as now she's already paid for our holiday it look's like Ibiza will have too wait for another year? I could return to Ibiza alone in September but in recent years holidaying during the same period the weather hasn't been so good.

If she's Gullible.....

Tell her that there has been an outbreak of Swine Fever in Greece and its too risky to travel there......

Why dont we Just go to Ibiza instead...

Or If you have a set of Balls......

Tell her who the hell gave her permission to book a holiday without consulting the Boss first. Then demand that she cancel it and that you look for somewhere different... Oh look Ibiza is available for a great price... Lets book it together

Or if your still in Love with each other....

Tell her that you had planned a holiday in Ibiza all by yourself so that you could have special time together as a couple. Tell her of all the special romantic touches you had organised etc... Act upset and say that your feelings are upset as you put a lot of time and effort into organising it.... Lay down a Guilt Trip thick and heavy..... Women are experts at it...

At worst she will have to come to a compromise with you...... Oh look!:eek: There is a really good late deal in Ibiza.....
weather in September forget it.you are on a romantic hols.i am sure you can think of something to do if it rains or is bad.:oops:
Kefanlonia?? Try under "Earthquakes/severe" in Wikipedia. Even the slightest tremor brings out the scorpions and other stingy creepy-crawly wildlife from under the ground.
BTW, it's absolutely true. Been there, done that!
No chance of earthquakes, volcanoes and dodgy stingy things in Ibiza!!
BTW, it's absolutely true. Been there, done that!

Unfortunately so has my other half, :lol:

But to be honest after reading up last night about Kephalonia i'm starting to like the idea of going as we do enjoy visiting Greece & it's Islands along with ofcourse Ibiza:D.

So look's like it'll be September again & hopefully the weather will be kinder than it has been during the same period in past years?

Kefalonia is meant to be lovely,
would be one of my choices :lol: