Mira Mola Apartments, Figueretas



Off out there for a week on 12 Sept with a couple of mates. Anyone stayed at these apartments before???
Don't want to put a downer on your hol, you may be lucky and get a better room than we did, however, I would never stay there again! We stayed last year 1st week in Sept.

The bedroom window was onto an open walkway at the back, and had a steel shutter over it, basically made the bedroom like an oven. It's very much for families, with lots of young children around.

In fairness, the rooms were clean, and you get fresh water as opposed to salt water from the shower!!

Presumably you won't be spending a lot of time there, and as you say the location is great.

We spoke to two women on the last night who had been staying @ Mira Mola for the past 1o or so years, so I think it is the luck of the draw with the rooms.
Cheers for the link. Seem OK - standard apartments really. Not planning on doing much other than sleeping and getting changed there anyway so as long as they're clean then it'll be fine.

I won't have my energetic 6 year old son with me anyway so it's not as essential that the place is A1.
luck of the draw

i went two years ago and i loved it we was in the rooms with the patio the ones on the ground floor which was good. my mates parents have been going there for about 10yrs too thats who i went with so maybe they got a better room cos of it i dunno but im off back there this year with 3 other mates and its gonna be great fun i guess were only gona be at the place to sleep and thats it but i thought it was really good! the peeps behind the bar were great the food was great there was alot of kids but what do you expect? well anyway i really enjoyed that holiday thats why im going back
15th August - 30th August my 18th birthday on the 25th of August whooo only 4 weeks on friday to go cant wait :D