Ministry refurbishment


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Phil, can you shed any light on this?
"8 x Co2 effect heads"? Are we talking big ice cannons similar to Amnesia, Space etc..?

"We are in fact closing our beloved Ministry of Sound for a New Year facelift; for three intensive weeks a crack team of builders and architects will be taking over the Club to make big improvements to our courtyard (once finished it’ll be the best smoking area in London!), transform our entrance tunnel (we’re promising the ultimate welcoming experience) and create a fresh new dance space upstairs in the old Lounge complete with a state of the art Martin Audio sound system.

Over in The Box we’re upgrading the final peace in the puzzle - the processing side of our world famous soundsystem and plan to give the room’s lighting a complete overhaul with even more strobes, additional top of the range lasers and new truss layouts specifically designed to maximize the total visual impact on the dance floor. It’s gonna be AMAZING! Oh, and we forget to mention the 8 x Co2 effect heads over the dance floor, this will create a total white out in 2 seconds then clear with-in 4 seconds Nice!....."
That does sound pretty WOW i must say! Am going to London this weekend and really wanted to go to Ministry for the first time, was quite annoyed to hear it was shut for most of Jnuary, but i guess on hearing this i'll let them off. Will give me another reason to get to London again some other time to check it out. Going to The End on the Sat nght for Mr. C, Layo & Bushwacka! and Darren Emmerson, so i'm sure i can cope with just that!