Mini review 7-21 july


Rich funk

Got back from Ibiza on Monday night after a wicked 2 weeks out there, and I've got to say that Roger sanchez put on my favourite 2 nights of the holiday! We arrived on 7 july and went straight out to mambo and pacha for RY and it was even better than last year!! The decor was class (easily the best I saw at pacha this year) and 8 hours of roger was absolute quality. The mixing and tune selection could not have been better, every time we went to leave the dancefloor roger made it impossible, we had to keep on dancing!! Best tunes for me were:

Bini & Martini - Say yes
Bucketheads - The bomb
Frankie knuckles / Jamie Principle - Your Love (first time I heard this in a club)
Deepswing - Freedom
Kurtis Mantronix - How did u know

and another vocal tune that goes something like 'Its laying heavy on my mind / I see, I see right through your eyes' - anyone help with some ID on this one?

Underwater was also a wicked night with sneak, emerson (best I've heard him play) and lottie, who maybe didn't seem to be quite on her best form?

Danny Rampling was brilliant at defmix, still love this man... but someone should tell David morales that he won't get taxed for smiling :eek: .

I was a little disappointed with space this year, still had a wicked time there but the sound was quieter than last year which was a shame. Yousef was spot on as always, dave beer was funkin funny to watch as he pissed about in the dj booth, wish we'd caught more of his set as it sounded good.

As for el divino, I won't be going there again. We went to see bobby & steve and junior sanchez and though the tunes were good the atmosphere was non existent and the crowd were terrible, as was the sound system. However, if watching ageing german millionaires swaying about on the dancefloor with their hands glued in their pockets is your thing, then I suggest an el divino season ticket is the way to go. I suppose we should have learnt our lesson from a disappointing night at miss moneypenny's there last year; it seems to me they could put any muppet behind the decks in there and the crowd wouldn't react any differently, so why waste money on booking decent djs? :evil:
Sounds like a fab hols, I never get to Roger Sanchez cos Space and DC10 normally finishes me off :p

Agree with what you said about Darren Emerson, he seems to be on fire this year now he's got his own night, he was always in Erick's shadow in previous years but his set we caught was awesome.