Mini Disc


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i just recentley purchased a mini disc!!!!!! (slow i no) but is there anywhere i can buy any quality oldskool/retro or funky vocal house mixes on minidisc reither on the net or at shops etc!!!!!!

thanks!!!!! ;)
good answer!!!!!! but no way do they have them on show.!!!!!!

and i kinda want uncommercial funky house mixes!!!!!!!
Take me Out Take Me Home is available on and MD version..... special order from Good Double Album, sounding a tad dated though....

tracklist is shown below..... mail me with remonstration in the subject line to get on to the mailing list for any new stuf released from the foolproof stable!


oh, btw, well done.... I think MD is the best format in the entire world ever, its small, portable, virtually bombproof, most players have fast random access thanks to nice big phat anti shock, you can record and edit on the move (handy for journalists etc wanting to do a rough cut in a cab on the way home, or for cutting together lots of mixes to see how they sound, you can re-record - and the compression on normal 74/80 min discs is just about acceptable for playing on hifi and walkman and small sound systems, (under 2k).....