Midweek Space?



Me and my girlfriend are coming over on 31 August and are going to miss We Love... on Sundays but we really want to visit Space. Has anybody got any recomendations for the best alternative day to go??? :confused:
yeah, the tuesday morning carry on after manumission is fantastic, well worth checkin out even if u don't go to manu at privilege itself beforehand. :D
Yeah Manumission carry on is always great – much better than Manumission itself (IMO). Either that or the La Troya afterparty on a Thursday morning.
carry on is the one we have been thinking of - plenty of nutters there I expect?
Yeah it can be great fun. Head over to Bora Bora afterwards for the rest of the party.
get over to bora bora about 4 or 5.
and yeah, there's loads of nutters at the carry on - people being pushed around in shopping trolleys and all sorts!!
My grlfriend likes her music shiny! I'd be worried Coxy might scare her - Manu carry on it is!
I'm not a great techno fan and I was a little aprehensive about going to Cox, I'm now glad I did at the athmosphere was amazing.
What time are you flying out on 31/8? Thats when I am going out - will get to Ibiza about 4am. We are there for 2 weeks so only get the first or second Sunday. If your flying at a similar time jump in a taxi to your apartment and get some kip will about 10am or 12pm get up get ready, eat and go about 3pm.
We will be getting into Ibiza airport for about 10pm - missing the whole bloody day - the best bit!!!