Michael Jackson postpones Tour for 8 months

Where did the 8 months bit come from? My July ticket has been moved to March but the September one is safe.
He is supposedly battling skin cancer and also isn't in good enough shape to make it through a whole show in rehearsal.

Wouldn't be surprised on either count.
I don't believe a word of it - I think the tour is just behind schedule.

It's fairly common to cancel the first few gigs of a big run of shows. Madonna has done it at least twice.
I cant imagine a MJ gig of this magnitude would not be steeped in drama really, so its probably par for the course. If he does have skin cancer then that's really :( but if its a ploy to get his spindley body back in shape and its taking longer than he anticipated then its a bit :spank:

Gosh how cynical are we in this day in age.... :lol::lol:
I just think I would be kind of irritated if I was meant to be going in July then having to wait until next year, that seems ages away!
no surprise really is it, 6 weeks to go and the guy aint been to a rehearsal yet?

I would wager that even with the postponement the shows dont happen!!
when it was originally anounced that he would be doing...how many shows was it? 50 or something near that figure...i thought... :rolleyes:
I heard he had cancelled the tour after he discovered £2000 for a ten year old in the UK actually referred to the car scrappage scheme :lol::oops:
(shamelessly stolen from another forum)
He's only actually performing for 13 minutes per show as per the contract with the promoters.