Miami Music Conference


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Wahooo!!! I'm going to Chile towards the end of feb and just realized my return flight connects in Miami on the 9th March, the penultimate day of the Miami Winter Music Conference and I can take a free stopover for 36 hours. :D 8)

Has anybody on here been before? Is it any good? Can you actually get into anything worthwhile if you not in the industry/a very good blagger?

Not been but if you do a search for it on here a few people have and will be able to answer your questions :D

The event is off the hook. The parties begin on Thursday and last until the evening on Sunday. The highlight is the "Ultra Music Festival" on Saturday. The official lineup has not been finalized, but last year included PVD, Tiesto, Oakie, and a live show from the wonderful blokes of "Underworld". The show was simply awesome. I think last year the event topped 50,000, so get your tickets now. for Ultra.

Other than that, there are events going on at Space Miami, Opium Gardens, and Crobar. Luckily....the above mentioned website will also sell tix to just about every important event. The events will really start popping up in February.

Any hotel on Ocean drive is suffiecient. Also check for additional label listings as most will play sets outdoors near hotels & pools.

It isn't Ibiza (what is ????), but it will get you in the mood. Great tunes, beautiful people. Also check the local radio station They will have updates for everything.

I hope this helps. I have learned so much about Ibiza on this site, the least I can do is share something about the States.