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The events have nothing to do with these problems. Like Stivi said, these are issues that are valid around the world and bigger than a few parties. The people of Tulum are ultra sensitive on this topic and do a great job at raising awareness. Most of the events do their part and I’d love to see them do even more. More events around the world should be as green as Tulum events.
Yeah I think you need to remember as well it's a poor country so the people will jump on any increased tourism as it benefits them so it will be sensitive subject. It's similar to the Thailand issue where they recently closed an island due to much tourism causing litter issues etc.

I must admit I was in a hotel in Cancun in 2017 and the hotel actively pushed a "green" ethos and used reusable cups and even had a turtle egg conservation program. Hopefully it will get better and better.

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I am guessing whomever is running that feed is no longer residing in Mexico or at least Quintana Roo as that is a really bold statement. I dont know enough about politicis nevermind you Mexican politics but those are some major accusations. Who knows if true or not but it seems there are still a lot of issues to work out in that part of the world, shame as it's such a beautiful place.


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Yeah hopefully they have made it over trump's wall.

Cartels probably have the police in pocket? God knows. I heard of loads of stuff happening before I first went to Cancun such as deaths etc but never got noticed as the UK media didn't touch on it.

I followed the local Cancun newspaper on FB when I got home and that was pretty eye opening.


Yesterday a dutch tourist ended up with a bullet in her arm in Playa del Carmen because there was a gunfight between police and a fugitive.


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OK now that the tulum party season is over again, I spoke to a good friend of mine who was working there this year. here's his resume:

  • overall tulum was very busy and with a great vibe (AFAIK that incident at the flying circus party was an isolated thing).
  • the parties happening at the beach were all really cool
  • sound tulum festival did very well overall, with maybe two or three dates that didn't get the numbers they were hoping for, while others such as the solomun/dixon date completely smashed it.
  • esto es tulum festival was apparently very well organized, but simply too big a venue for its first edition. but the project has potential.
  • generally, and that's something I've heard from various people and I think even on the forums I've seen something about that subject: prices for drinks at parties have gone up massively as have rates for tables. also regular ticket prices have become rather pricey.
while I've never been to tulum, and probably wouldn't go during the party month (I simply have enough of that in summer here on the island), it's gonna be interesting to follow the evolution of the place and the approach to the whole party industry over the course of the next few years. I am sure it's an amazing place - everyone says so - but it's a delicate location and I think that, just the same with ibiza, if the nightlife gets too crazy, there will be issues.