Mercat nou


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ive heard good things about Mercat nou (mainly from the French captain!)in Ibiza town, can anyone give me the address? cheers :)

Don Simon

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*Carrer de Castella 30*
It's between the main parallels of Av. d'Isidor Macabich and Av. d'Espanya.


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this is the place where ill buy my fruits(Yellow kiwi, orange, banana, figuea) ,ginger fruit and cakes(greixonera, ibiza flao, bunol).
open from 7am to 2pm, closed on sunday

I don't have breakfast all morning as ibz 17 (just 1 time now, as i want to experience other place) :D, but 3rd one from the left is my favourite, the one close to fruits stall for squid at 8h00am , caillos or reinones...

i remember spoting one spotlight closed by as her flat was just in front of it & this old german lady that bought me the breakfast without knowing me, but i ve just say hello b4 and no more chat, Priceless :cool: Why? Bob Dylan's cap side effet? :lol: