Menswear in clubs


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Just packing now ( :D :D :D ) is it alright for men to wear shorts in clubs?
(they're not bermuda btw) I take it pretty much anything goes in clubs as far as clothing goes, bar maybe footie shirts?
shorts yeah ...... but when i was there i made sure they were over my knees ..... especially in el divno and pacha .....

have a good one you lucky sod!!!!
do yourself a favour and don't wear shorts to a club - you'll probably be refused entry at places like pacha - and rightly so!
What, precisely, is wrong with wearing smart long shorts/ short trousers to a club in a hot country like Ibiza?

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with that, or any reason why any club on the island would refuse a good 20%ish of people who choose to wear something more practical than the usual 'shirt and trousers and shoes' uniform.
It's actually for my boyfriend as I'm a girl for a start!

Surely if they're not scruffy (dark coloured cargo sort) and he's wearing trainers and a smartish top this wont be a problem?

I take it girls don't have to wear heels either? I can't remember the last time I wore heels in a club.
I don't see any problems. Realistically, the 'shorts' thing is more about beachwear, so as long as you make an effort not to look like you've just stepped in off the beach, or just arrived from your trekking holiday you'll be fine.

As a rule, I think that shorts below the knee, as far towards the ankles as possible, are fine.

The important thing is, to set your own style and not get put off by worries about dress-codes. There really aren't any, you just use a bit of common sense.

They'll be far too busy searching for cameras anyway ;)
The rule for all the major clubs on the island is no beach wear, which means no to shorts. You are however allowed to wear three quarter lenghs to all of the clubs. And no, ladies do not have to wear heels, trainers are the only way to club!
when I was there in July, EVERYONE was wearing shorts in all the clubs, including Pacha. I played it safe and wore 3/4 length pants most of the time, but shorts were in everywhere.
ok, confused american...


I too am wondering what I'm going to wear as I sweat a lot in the humid heat and the last thing I need is a pair of long pants. I have mostly khaki cargo shorts, which are end right at the knee. As far as I can tell, the only people who wear 3\4 pants etc. in the states are women... I've never seen a guy wearing those sorts of pants. Is it different in europe? If I'm wearing a sharp shirt, clean nice shorts, and nice-looking shoes, will I look like the ugly american straight from iowa?



I think the thing about Ibiza is that no-one gives a damn what you r wearing, well within reason!! 3/4 len shorts r common, a bit smarter than short shorts & practical.

I heard so much about the dress code @ Pacha that I wore long linnen trousers and long sleeves, but need not have bothered.

Have a wicked time, and be happy.

wow! thanks a lot for the great reply... i'm there in 5 days!