24th june.

I'm not going to bother going this year- went the last 4 years to meganite and was really dissapointed last year- empty compared to '07.
are you mental?

When I went last August I entered the club at 3am and there was 2000 people there - tops. In other clubs that might be a lot, but in Privilege it's only a fifth of the capacity.

That was down from 5000 the year before.

Everyone was penned in to an area infront of the DJ booth and the Coco Loco room was closed - a disappointment in itself!

And that was before in a clubbing sense 'The Recession Sessions' had started - god knows how many punters they'll manage to pull in this year!

Yes the music was excellent, but there was no atmosphere- and it didn't feel like a night at Privilege.

I wouldn't blame anyone who had been to Privilege that night for their first time if they they had said it was pretty average- because it was!
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Some of last years maganite line-ups where top notch, hoping for the same standard or even better this year.

july 16th line-up in my opion was the best - Adam beyer, paul ritch, alexi delano and patrick skoog. Quality
Ever since the departure of Chris Liebing in the end of 2005, Meganite certainly isn't the same anymore...
I think it's definitely being hel in a venue which is far too big nowadays. Have to agree that it wasn't the same in 08 as it was in previous years.

That being said, the music remained top notch. I'll probably go again in September, but I'll be interested to hear people's reviews through the season.
Hopefully adam beyer remains a resident and they keep doing drumcode party's.

i was @ Adam Beyer @ the sub club in Glasgow on Fri night and i asked him regarding meganite.. he said he is playing often at Meganite and he's also doing a drumcode party in August.