Meeting place summer 2003 updated....


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Hi all,

I thought i would post a new Post about the meeting place.

PLACE: Bora Bora, Playa D'en Bossa
DAY: Wednesday
TIME: 5pm - 7pm

Everybody is very welcome to come.

Can you wear a blue band or something that we can recognise you by. i.e. a sticker with your name on it.

Thanks to Jannica for organising this.

See you there......
bora bora

anyone about end of April or do I have to wait until mid July to see you guys?
Happy Days.... ill just be about 1min walk away as im stayin at jet apts!

cant wait!!!!

an you know what girlies we wont look stupid cause sweat bands are all fashion now!!! :idea:

dont know about the lads though!!! :lol:
No problem, I want to meet as many people as possible, and what better way than to arrange meetings before I even get there! :D We can all take pics and then post them on this site for everyone to view, it will be funny!
stephen said:
i'll be here tony. perhaps we could share a bucket of wine?
I will contact you before leaving - might still have Jaki's mobile somewhere - are you still up san jose direction?
please ignore any other posts about previous years meeting points.

This is the one for 2003 surprisingly....
thanks dirty, thats perked me up a bit hahahaha!!!!

as long as other members can spot each other it dosen't matter how you do it...