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hi in pdb in july, we looking to meet up wit others for crazy times, fun times, anything goes.
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My friends and I (not sure on how many are coming yet) we'll be staying at an Apartment in PDB should be a mix girls/guys....We like to party hard!!! :eek: I'll be there July 3 to 18 for sure!!!!! Always great to meet and party with new people on Ibiza!! Really hope DC10 stays open this Summer 8)


Hey guys i'll be heading out solo probably by june 28/29 - july 9. I am staying in PDB this time around but havent nailed the apartment yet.

Im 25 years old and down for a party/journey of a lifetime.
My girlfriend and I were thinking of going in July too.. what dates were you looking for and where are you staying?
Me & Girlfriend 28th July

Me and my girlfriend are going July 28th to Wed 4th August!! We're staying in San Antonio bay. Any other couples going around these dates? Would be cool to hook up with others for a night out! 8)