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I failed to mention...

Kenny & Louie are back in the studio recording new material for a new album. 8)

He played a few samples at the w/end and it's sounding very different to their usual offerings...just thought that might rouse a bit of excitement. ;)
I know - point proven on the demise of taste in the naughties. :lol:

Let's talk celebrity big brother instead.
If it's any consolation, Rob, I am excited by the prospect. Just didn't know what to say about it :lol:
I saw Louie far too many times in his noodly self indulgent phase of the early noughties, would love to see them both back and returning to form.8):D
I'd say I was mildly intrigued by this news rather than overly excited - maybe a few years ago would've been different - just not sure what they can really bring to the table in 2010 - that's going to retain the original fans and bring in new ones

still play the odd MAW bit every now and again

like chris cuevas - ooof classic!
A little birdy told Joey that LV was playing at a well know Brighton club this spring time, not seen anything online for it yet, anyone else hear the same thing?