Master's at work.

Robo said:
was that the last time?

is there any reason why they haven't played since?

Probably they charge when they play together :p I couldn't believe what they were paid for 9 hours at Ministry in May :eek:

And they been playing for Ministry, Soul Heaven and Southport in Ibiza since and the Promoters behind these have got good relationship with Louie and Kenny so they can get them to play there for less than it would cost them to play Space Terrace.
Robo said:

its a shame cos imagine how good they would be.

Yeah they were unbelievable that day, in my top 3 Terrace sets of all time.

To be honest after recent performances (ie. Kenny disappearing before the end of night with his Homeboys and the lure of a burger :p ) and supposed ructions back in the camp 'apparently' :p I actually wonder how much longer they will be playing together for :rolleyes: :confused: :cry: