Mark Knight releases Toolroom Knights 2.0, out Monday 1st June.

Alan Parry

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Toolroom Knights mixed by Mark Knight 2.0

Release Date: 1st June 2009
Label: Toolroom Records

Mark Knight's much anticipated TOOLROOM KNIGHTS 2.0 mix compilation is
due for release Monday 1st June. With 2 CD's packed full of exclusives
and killer tracks, it's the perfect soundtrack for this summer.
There's a limited number of signed copies available to order in
advance from...
Just when you think you know an artist, they creep up on you with
something a little out of the ordinary and leave you scratching your
head. Then you have Toolroom Knights Mixed by Mark Knight 2.0, which
is less about stealth and rather a full on frontal attack that will
hammer through any previous boundaries you may have created for the
Toolroom Records chief. The result isn’t head scratching either, but
more likely to be burst ear drums and sore dancing feet, as we’re
treated to a genre-busting feast of electronic music that refuses to
be pigeonholed and is sourced from the deepest and most obscure
corners of Mark’s own personal Toolroom.

CD1 begins with the sweet summery vibes of ‘Break Up’ by Sasse before
inspiring your groove hormones with the infectious horns of ‘Parklife’
and the contagious beats of Audiofly’s ‘1999’. Then Mark’s first
appearance, as remixer on ‘Save Us’, shifts gear and propels the mix
to peak time tech house, quickly followed by a series of exclusive
tracks recorded especially for this compilation. Adam S provides the
twisted military funk, next Mr. Knight returns with the gushing warmth
of ‘Mannheim’, a tribute to the city all about the groove, and then
‘Club Politics’, Mark’s ode to the aspects of clubland we could all do

By now we’ve blown 2 speakers and the ice cannon has run dry, but the
cavalry arrives in a sequence of climaxing minimal tech before the
monstrous ‘Phat Planet’, revisited by Mark and Toolroom buddy
Funkagenda, keeps us sprinting to the finish line of a frenzied mix
representing the full breadth of the dance music spectrum.

Straight into CD2, we enter deep house territory, courtesy of Soul
Minority, and the yet to be released bliss of ‘Lisbon Sunrise’ by S
Groove. Then, more exclusives from Funkagenda, in the form of
relentless atmospheric techer ‘Do Geese See God’ and the more classic
Toolroom sounding power of ‘Breakwater’, sharpen the tension and
reveal the dark side of Toolroom Knights. There is industrial techno
throb - Tiger Stripes style - and pulsating loops from Bedrock boys,
Digweed and Muir, as well as yet another unseen track, this time D-
Formation’s melodic anthem ‘Signs and Portents 09’. Somewhat
fittingly, the finale sees the mighty Faithless with ‘Music Matters’,
Toolroom Record’s 100th release in fact, and Mark Knight himself on
typical stellar remix duty.

Toolroom Knights Mixed by Mark Knight 2.0 is a challenge to your
senses, it’ll make you soar on a seemingly endless rhythm before
dropping you into a pool of drowning electronic tech and then teasing
to rescue you with an elusive crescendo. More than anything though, it
is a challenge to anyone who thinks they know Mark Knight and
Toolroom, to well and truly think again. Enjoy!


1. Sasse - Break Up

2. Ragga Fonda – Libell 6.20

3. Andre Crom & Luca Doobie – Parklife 11.30

4. Audiofly – 1999 16.00

5. Black Science Orchestra - Save Us (Mark Knight’s Rulin’ Mix) 22

6. Saeed Younan – Kumbalha 27

7. Adam S - What’s Occurring 31

8. Mark Knight – Mannheim 37

Hedgetrimerz - Do You Feel It (Acapella)

9. Mark Knight feat. Dan Diamond - Club Politics 42

10. Matteo DiMarr – Addicted 49

11. Mark Mendes & Mike Jacinto – Relic 55

12. Kalva & Paul Thomas – Rizer 61

13. Richard Dinsdale & D-Unity - Monday Evils 68

14. Leftfield - Phat Planet (Mark Knight & Funkagenda Remix) 72


1. Soul Minority - A Soul Thing

2. Matt Masters - Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Remix) 7

3. S Groove - Lisbon Sunrise 12.30

4. Funkagenda - Do Geese See God

5. Workidz & Randall - Delta 51 27

6. Funkagenda - Breakwater (Dataworx Code Mix) 35

7. Alan Fitzpatrick – Amsterdam 39

Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Acapella)

8. Ismael Rivas & Luis Damora - Black State (Steve Nocerino Remix) 44

9. Tiger Stripes – Heat 50

10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Aquatonic (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) 57

X-Press 2 - Smoke Machine (Acapella)

11. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve - Yin 57

12. D-Formation - Signs & Portents 09 (Original Rework Part 1) 64

13. Faithless - Music Matters Feat. Cass Fox (Mark Knight Remix) 72