Mare Nostrum hotel at Playa d'En Bossa


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We've finally booked for 10 days at this hotel. Well... we're awaiting confirmation from our travel agency if there's any vacancy. I hope so.

Anyone know about it? The package costs 437 euros each one (trip tickets included). A very good deal it seems, and got good references.

We hesitated between this one and hotel Victoria in Talamanca, with a similar price.

Any advice please?
stayed there last year...rooms have no air conditioner or TV and the electricity only works when the room key is inserted into a "switch"....its basically just to change, sleep and shower...this yhear im staying at the Garbi
Thakn you all for the advices. Anyway I also wanted to know if despite not having air conditioning, the rooms don't get too hot by the daytime if you're resting after the party, you know what I mean...

It doesn't matter if it's family orientated Robder. We want the hotel just for rest and get ready, and I couldn't care less if a family saw us arriving late from a party. :p

The travel agency told us that the other option, Hotel Victoria at Talamanca, at least had ventilator. We thought that this advantage along with the proximity to Ibiza town was good, but we've chosen the advantage to be closer to Space, Bora-Bora, and Pin-Up, for the moment.

What about the question above? joecrack13, you stayed there last year, so did you bear hot sleeps in this hotel?