Marco Polo 2


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Just booked a fortnight in June staying in Marco Polo 2 hotel.

After reading some reviews today, I'm not really convined it's even half decent accommodation...

I don't mind it being basic but I am concerned at one or two reviews that say there are no safety deposit boxes in the rooms and that the room doors and balcony doors are not very secure at all.

We're going for two weeks so I am worried that our room could be at risk of break in and we could lose a lot.

Can anyone give me details on this hotel and if they do or do not have any safety deposit boxes IN the rooms (not at reception).

It's not the best hotel in San An but it's definitely not the worst either!

My mate stayed there a few years ago - he had a safe in his room.

For all the time you'll spend in the hotel it doesn't matter too much about the rooms etc, as long as you've got air-con your'e sorted!
Cheers Neilly.

I'm happy with basic accomm, you get what you pay for, but a safety deposit box in my room is a must, especially for two weeks.

Any idea how the food is there?
I stayed in the marco polo 1, 2 year ago and we also read horror stories about 2!Am not sure bout the saftey boxes in the room because i aslo read there wasnt,but i do remember seeing people from the 2 over picking up there key from our reception because the marco polo 2 was unmanned.We never really heard any complaints tho and didnt seem as rowdy as made out to be,im sure youl be fine.
not begin funny,but why do people book a atp or hotel.then research about it.and then start to get worried.
Woodruffe you are quite right to be honest. But I've always done it this way and I'm content with a place that is quite simple, somewhere to rest my head, etc. My biggest concern though was upon reading into a few reviews yesterday and seeing that there might not be any safety deposit boxes in Marco Polo 2.

Logic, though, would say review accommodation then book, you're right!! :oops::)

Thanks for your help stiv. Did you go self catering when you were in Marco Polo 1?
No it was bed and breakfast but the good thing was that we also had a fridge in our room which you dont normally get with b&b.Locations really good,you should be fine mate.
I stayed there 2 years ago in June, I didn't have a safe in the room and had my ipod, wallet wax stolen (?!)

They strangely left my passport an £80 ipod portable speakers un-touched!

I emailed Marco Polo hotel and asked if Marco Polo 2 had safes in the rooms and the email said yes, all rooms have safety deposit boxes in the rooms. :spank: