I will be in Barcelona for spring break in March. While there I would really like to go to Ibiza. Will there be anything going on in March worth making the trip from Barcelona? I am quite clueless as to what to do and where to go while there. I have heard of Amnesia and Space and would like to go to these clubs or something like them if they are not open in March. Another question I don't speak spanish will that be a problem in Barcelona? Thank you

(naive Arkansan)
nothing interesting on the commercial clubbingscene goes on in March, Pacha and a few bars are open but i woulddt go there until May/June, when its more fun!
if its your 1st time to the island, i wouldnt recomend march,....but if you summertime a while you should def. try the lower season,...better people and better athmosphere than in summer, bu7t maybe a littlebit to cold,...april is better,...
Thanks all, I only have one week in barcelona in march for my spring break from class. So it sounds like it won't be worth the trip or money traveling to ibiza from barcelona at that time. Does anyone know what club James Lavelle played his GLOBAL UNDERGROUND at? Or other good clubs in Barcelona.