March Mix 2009

any chance of a tracklisting?

otherwise, I don't know whether to bother or not

here we go Olly:

1 Hell - The Angst Part 1
2 Wbeeza - He So Crazy
3 Kevin Griffiths - Cantona Kung-Fu
4 Milton Jackson - Rhythm Track
5 Ian Pooley - Nightscape
6 The Sunburst Band - Man Of War (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
7 Bushwacka - Dromoderie
8 Milton Jackson - Cycles (Wahoo Mix)
9 Milton Jackson - Crash
10 Will Saul & Mike Monday - Zippo
11 Hell - The Angst Part 2
:lol: i love you olly! :lol:

& the verdict now you have the tracklisting???

I like the DJ Hell track

the rest of the time, my index finger was firmly locked on

I was taking le piss ;)

@ thestunt - seriously, some really good selections in there. cheers for that!
i meant the fact your punchline won't show up cause you hotlinked it

and now you've gone an made me over-explain the funny

nice going olly
I wonder if you guys judge the mix or the person that made it... I am not a DJ, I just like to play some records... :spank:
like I said before, there are some good tunes in there

henrik schwarz has done no wrong in about 5 years. Awesome