Mar Y Vent Appartments



Anyone stayed in these this year. Im heading out next week.
:D In my 'single days' the Mar Y Vent were our apartments of choice. Excellent location, just round the corner from Sunset Strip and the rooms are ok as long as you are not at the back. No bad pool and lots of shennanigans going on.....

I have stayed there 3 or 4 times. Watch out for the guys in the bar, one of them has never smiled all the time I was there! Do support the Y Vent Shop!
I have to agree with Dirk and can only praise the Mar Y Vent. I just hope you booked a pool view or you'll probably get shunted to the back. All the actions out the front!

Beware of CheeryChops :evil:
Have asked for pool view so hopefully they give me it!! I booked it about 8months ago!!!