Mar Y Vent Apartments



I read on this a lot of people asking about descent apartments so Im going to recommend the ones I stayed in last year and am going back to this year, the Mar Y Vent. They are clean, friendly, safe and they are literally 1 minute from the coastline cafes!!

Anyone needs anymore info mail or PM me and Ill galdly help out
yeah ive stayed there twice had room 201b

nacho the geezer behind the bar

and the rep tom and dan

is a pukka place to stay i love it there can be loud and play music etc they dont mind you dont even have to pay that clean up tax thing cause the geezer that owns it is on the council and he disagrees that customers should pay it so he pays it for you !!!!!!!!!

had a fire in our apartment last september

the escapades reps and the mar y vent staff are wicked