Mar y Vent Apartments, San An?



Hi all

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas on the mar y vent apartments in san antonio?what are they like etc?is there a pool?

I am heading to ibiza for a week 16th - 23rd august for my second visit to the wonderful island and i have not seen or heard of this place before?
I believe it is near cafe mambo and del mar etc?

Just need as much info as possible please

Billy Boy
Billyboy, Mar Y Vent appartments are pretty good. I've stayed there on 3 occasions. They are infact spitting distance from DelMar, Mambo etc. Hopefully you booked it with a pool view because if you get put at the back the views pretty similar to Iraq.
These appts are more suited to single people than couples and they dont have a problem with you bringing people back after a club.

The only thing to watch out for is a person who we named 'Cheery Chops'. He works in the bar/cafe. He's a small guy early 40's and has a coupon like a wet weekend! Beware!!

the mar y vent in my opinion is the perfect place to stay it has a great pool brilliant location and the staff are great.
nacho the barman is cool aswell great laugh we had a fire in our room there last year and all the staff where greAT GOOD CHOICE
cheers guys....anything else i should know?

i am going with my brother so hopefully there should plenty of women coming and going...and so its a bonus if i can take them back to the room!
(never been much of a beach sex lover myself...he he)
Billy Boy I was there last year and am going back again this year. The appartments are pretty descent and fairly clean, its not too noisy at night either so if your in need of a kip theres no probs!!
Im there from the 15th so may see you!!