map of Hotels


Anyone know somewhere that shows the hotels in San Antonio on a map please?:p

do a search on this website - theres some on there.... or at least there is for the bay area so would assume there is one for San An itself.

Hi Kitty There are 3 hotels hostals with nearly the same names 2 in San An Anibal Hostal is in San Antonio Town and Hostal Anibal Mediterraneo -is about a mile away from the egg and there is one in ibiza town as well called Hostal Anibal that is about 9 miles away from the egg very confusing when booking up and dont see a map or google them , find out which one you have booked first then google it, hope it helps you
you;re not miles away.10 min walk to the egg.nice bars along the way on the beach i say apart from people in have not other place near you for passing traffic much.