Manummission, should we make the effort ?



Hi Everyone,

due to our old age (sob) and the slight tiredness brought on by a Sunday at Space, we never did Manummission. This year we thought we really had better give it a go - but - is it worth the effort ? Are we better off doing our usual thing and monging out with a beer thinking about the night before. Obviously we'll still go to Space, we'll just get the energy for Monday night from somewhere - but is it worth the effort - you decide !!

Thanks a lot,

Si & Ali xx
In my opinion, get those beers chilled and take the night off.

I went this year and thought it was crap. It was a major tourist attraction for drunken British lads and they certainly pack them in. I don't know who was DJ'ing that night but he was crap and seemed to love himself just a bit too much for my liking.

If you really want to go out that night, go to Pacha for Release Yourself.
I think if you never were on a Manumission you should give it a chance. It´s very impressing to see the whole Privilege full of people and the show isn´t bad if you see it for the first time. Additionally the Manumission will become better the later it becomes.

How long do you stay in Ibiza?
thanks Bake, we'll be there the first week of September - Sasha's party at Space - oh yes !!

As for MuM, hmmm, what should we do ?

How's things in Koln - is the river high ?
Bake said:
How long do you stay in Ibiza?

I assume that is meant for me. I was there for 9 days which actually covered two Mondays so we could do both Manumission and Release Yourself. Problem was that we were too hammered by the last Monday to get to see Sanchez.

We got to Manumission at about 4am and stayed until just before 7. Sure it cleared out a little bit toward the end but it never went off like a big club should.

You'd be better off to go to Privilege on another night if you really wanted to see it. It's not that spectacular really, just big. If you want a proper party, then give it a miss.
I just went to Ibiza for the first time July 20th... I felt that since it was my first time I should check out Manumission despite what people had told me.
I hated it, I left within an hour... my advice to you, DON"T GO!!

Oh, very unfortunately that you missed Sanchez. I would have gladly belonged which you would have said in the direct comparision. But I agree with you. In my 2 weeks I will also try to do both :D


One week is difficult. On the one hand I think you have to see Manumission one time in your life. On the other many people say that Release Yourself is the best night this year. Follow your feelings and decide spontaneously.

How's things in Koln - is the river high ?

No, the flood is "only" in the east and the south of germany. The Rhein is like always. Now it´s warm and dry :D in cologne, the best weather for the popkomm 8)

So long, maybe cu @ sasha´s birthday
I went last week...and I would advise you...DUN GO!!!!!!!!...there's lots to do on Mon nite...Cocoon @ Amnesia....or Four:Four at El Divino....Release Yourself @ Pacha....all much betta....and will make ya feel betta spending all that $$...
Manumission used to be fantastic. I had one of my best clubbing experiences there in '95. I have gone back every year since hoping to catch that wave, but I will be giving it a big miss this year.

Last year was shocking. 879dancin you say about the DJ loving himself to much? We thought exactly the same and it was John Kelly. Shite music and he could not mix. I cannot believe they brought hm back this year.

Go to Pacha, I will!
Big thanks to all you folks for the advice, that's it for sure, Pacha here we come !

We hope you all have a great Summer and if you spot a english guy with no hair, camo trainers and a very colourful shirt dancing with a tall blond (and beautiful) woman in a corset - come over and say hello !!

Lot's of love. xx
Don't make the effort!!! I just maked the same mistake, while most of you where telling not to go; I just was to curious and went to mannumission; it was the worst night ever; just chilling at the beach is much better than going to mannumission