Being an Ibizian regular, I'm trying to persuade my fellow newbies to the island to give Manumission a miss, What would you say to them to win them over and goto Roger Sanchez's Night instead....

(PS) Has it got any better this year, past experience, as the season goes on, it does seem too, or is that crowd????

Remember keep it real, and your soul do all the dancing :D

Da Man
Tell them to go Cream at Amnesia to see Tiesto and PVD instead............the best night on the island without doubt
Tell them that Roger Sanchez had the place bumping for 6 hrs, and then when he was thru, the dance floor was still packed and ppl were BEGGING him to play more tunes INCLUDING another chance again. What an amazing night. Havent been to cocoon, was on the way to Manumission before my friend realized that he'd been pickpocketed for the tickets. Im sooooo glad that happened though cuz release urself was one of the best night if not THE best on the island. Well, i guess Subliminal on Wednesday could give it a go...but man, the S Man roxxxxxxxx

I'll tell them my story, was so curious about manumission that I did go; the outside of privilège is ok bu the inside :x what is this??? its almost a big hangar filled up with guys with shorts, sandals,... Everyone is looking at the show what's nothing more than an acrobatic act so you'll better go to a circus (will be much cheeper too); atmosphere = 0

so I suggest if u want to see the show of manumission go on monday afternoon to Salinas beach at bar La Trinxa; their you'll also see what it's all about; forget about the night 'cause really not worth it and go to Pacha to see the man who really rock's Roger Sanchez

I staid in privilège for almost one hour and could'nt stand it anymore, took a cab and went to the beach with some friends. Was really mad at myself that I did'nt go to pacha 'cause last year Roger was one of the top nights in El devino

But I've learnt my lesson the hard way and will defenitly never again set one step inside of privilège, world's biggest club, maybe; but really ibiza's ugliest club

will do Pacha and other clubs on mondays then...

EVEN FOR newbies... your suggestion is to SKIp right?

So, one day we can say.. been there/done that... Like u guys/gals.. now that U don't like it... U can either say NO i'm not going//// yes I'm going..!

But, for ibiza virgins.. Your suggestion is to save your money on this show and spend it at Pacha w/Roger San.

Thankk you.
Gracias Poison Ivy

I will do TWO CLUBS on this night.....

Cocoon closing party - Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Alter EGO live, John Aquaviva, Ricardo Villalobos

Release Yourself - Roger Sanchez

is this SUITABLE ..? lol... Thank you! ALL
I think it will be hard to do these 2 clubs in one night; only because booth clubs offer a real good atmosphere and you really want to stay once you've entered
why don't you go hear real dance music at cocoon at amnesia?
I've just come back from the White Isle. My third year running.

I had never been to Manumission either and I had heard all the bad press saying that the night was dead. The S Man is my fav DJ therefore I also went to his night last year at El Divino and gave Priviledge a miss.

Because of the choice of nights on offer this year I decided to go for 10 nights instead of a week. I therefore went to Manumission on the first night and saw the S Man in the second week.

I did have preconceived ideas that I was going to have a shit night. But I was really suprised. It didn't matter who the DJ was as the atmosphere was amazing. I could have spent all night in the second room alone. The small touches such as the DJ in the toilets made the place really stick in my mind.

If you have the time and the money then I would go to both.