it's probably the worst kept secret ever, south american events are going to feature heavily too.

defo no manumission next summer.

... defo no manumission next summer.
From Manumission Myspace:

''Its eclectic nights, circus atmosphere and party concepts have cemented its reputation as the studio 54 of the Noughties. For the first time ever Manumission will be hitting London and literally tearing the house down in the last ever party to be held at The Legendary Astoria. Thursday the 16th of January 2009 will be remembered as one of the wildest parties the world has ever seen. An historic moment for hedonism as Manumission leaves Ibiza and returns to England for the first time in 15 years before heading off on their Spectacular World Tour. A Carnival of Cabaret, seduction of the senses, freedom of self-expression and sheer fabulousness in this strictly Costume Ball led by the ring masters, Mike & Claire.''
it was probably time ... this is the end ... my only friend,the end ... MACKIE ,you can sing that to mike and claire now ...