Manumission: worth it ?


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So I've heard a lot of different noizes about Manumission. Some say it's a must do, while others say it's complete crap. Therefore I kinda avoided it last year.

So is it worth it, or not ? I surely would aprecciate your help out there. :)

Many thanks

On the Isle 31/8 till 12/9
If you’ve never been you should definitely go, just to see it – it is a pretty spectacular sight. Not really my idea of a fantastic clubbing night out. It’s pretty unpredictable music wise because they rarely announce the line up before the day of the event.

One tip I’ll give you if you do go is go and watch the sun rise from the open air dome, its beautiful.

It’s worth going to just to do the whole Manumission, Space, Bora Bora carry on marathon. There’s always some major casualties on the beach in Playa Den Bossa at the end of all that. :lol:

i first went to ibiza in august 99 and went to manumission was brilliant and i loved every minute of it. the live sex shows were brilliant but ive heard its all calmed down now how boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
worth going to see what its all about, different to normal clubbing, but sometimes thats what you need.

if you dont like it, head over the road to cocoon
lynch said:
worth going to see what its all about, different to normal clubbing, but sometimes thats what you need.

if you dont like it, head over the road to cocoon

Yip - thats a perfect reply lynch

I went the once to see what it was about - def. worth the experience - the sheer size of the place wil blow you away. And all the general freakiness of the place messes with your head - dwarves, people paring potatoes and handing them to you, people playing badminton complete with umpire etc etc :eek:, strange folk on stilts reading newspapers etc. etc.

But the sound system is pretty pants - the sound just doesn't travel well in a club that size - the music sounds better/worse depending on where you are standing. Make sure you arrange a meeting point so you can find your mates cos chances are, you will get lost - there are maps but i didn't find them much use - could hardly see straight, let alone follow a map ;)

I doubt I'll go back but I am glad I went the once - it really is a truly unique experience :)
pretty much the same as the other replies.....

i went a couple of years ago, ticket cost over £30 and for that price and the hype i had heard about it i was dissapointed. Although i would say go for the experience, the shows are pretty cool, and its great for people watching, you do get some really freaky people there.

There is a swimming pool in the centre of the club, which your not really allowed any where near which i found a bit pointless, i was looking forward to jumping straight in at some point!

Im glad i went to see what it was all about, but i wouldnt go back.
I was very disappointed when I went.

Bit like heading off to a circus for a night of clubbing, plus you have to pay a fortune for the ticket and drinks.

To be fair it wasn't all bad, the show itself is unique, so I can see why people would say it is a must do.
There doesnt seem to be a Manumission this year - certainly not at Privilege anyway - they've replaced it with 'Home'.

Theres a thread about it on here somewhere.