manumission theme for 2003 - at last!!


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the phantasmagorical manumission mystery!! :eek:

i took this picture some minutes ago:


McRackin :p
I think it's a good theme. I am right now visualising all those sexy dancers in shiny black macs and sharp hats. mmmmmm.

It's just a shame that Manumission is a hellish rip-off with too many people and rubbish music. The carry-on is good though
some manumission gossip!! :eek:

a little bird told me that manumission has lost the sponsorship of orange (that meant lots of money last year)!! :eek:


Mc ;)
ooh yeh, i had a friend who worked in the sponsorship department at Orange, and she got the luckiest job in the world last year to go out to ibiza for 2 weeks all expenses paid to make sure Orange's sponsoship was being done right etc
they got the complete VIP treatment

but as mcrankin has already said nothing this year, they all got made redundant about 4 months ago! :(

no big spenders in manumission this year then
Orange prob paid over the odds anyway. I reckon manumission prob rake in the most cash (on the door) out of all the clubs;

say 30quid for a ticket- times that by 10,000 (£300,000)- every monday night!

That could buy lots of Kinder Bueno's :D -or wooly socks, or wotever
Im thinkin, they have them over there right? Should do, its a spanish name! If they dont Ill have to take a supply over with me, Ill get the shakes if I dont get my thrice daily fix! :)
hey mcgrackin can u get me a picture of the black girl from the candy girls chatted her up nearly every nite and i think im in lurrve.
do you know what the black candy girl said? :eek:

she said: take a scissor and cut the picture out!! :eek:


(i will try to find a good picture for you!! :p)
yep thats the one,mesmerising,her mum lives just two minutes up the road from me! id love to do the forbidden dance with her,the black girl that is not her mum.