Manumission Review


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Sar & I went to the opening night on Monday.
The crowed was well mixed as ever, as was the music.
The room that Trade was in was 1/2 V.I.P. 1/2 chill out playing stuff like Pink.
The candy room was the same as ever playing all the house classics as normal+ Smokin Jo.
There is a new sound system in the main room that Sar says Kicks ass :!:
As for the DJ´s they had no stars as such (but that can be a good thing).
They had the normal older guy doing the warm up 12.00 / 2.00 and Alfraido and his son Fraido playing the closing set.
The show was out of this world :!:
With 50 show girls in top hats & tails and Mike & Claire on stage singing "Anything Goes" then a random bloke running around stage in his pants singing "Imagine" by John lennon.
We ended up dancing with Claire & Lotty in the main room.
I know its not everyones cup of tea but I think everyone should do Manumission at least once in a life time:!: .

See u at Space on 22/06/03, I´ll be the one in the green-flash trainers and Sar will be wearing a top with multi-coloured dogs on ( Grrr ).
Glad you had a good one Pete, altho I am amazed that you have managed to work computer in Ibiza :eek: :p ;)

Seeya on Sunday :D