Manumission in 2003? -- Oakenfold in January 2003?



Paul Oakenfold is coming to San Diego in January 2003,
is he worth checking out? :confused:

Also does anyone think Manumission will be back for summer 2003?

*** :idea: If you roll'em,, We'll smoke Em!! :D
Hi there, I am from San Diego, and I saw Oakie play when he came here in December. There is no doubt you should go... I think he loves San Diego. I was chatting around on Paul and someone who works on the Bunkka tour posted that Oakie's show in SD was one of the best on the entire tour. Don't miss it, but buy your tickets NOW at and check out the gorgeous venue at :p See you there!
Say what you like about Manumission, but it's the "Industry Standard" night out in Ibiza and I think all nights on the island wish they enjoyed the same profile Manumission does.
I know people who are "in the know" will say it's not the same anymore, but most clubbers visiting Ibiza for the first time, go with the attitude that they must "do Manumission" even if they never do it again, just because of it's legendry status.
p.s. Go and see Oakey, if he's on form he's the best in his class.
hook19 said:
p.s. Go and see Oakey, if he's on form he's the best in his class.

but how can you tell if he is gonna be on form or whether he will just be playing the same old shise from his terrible album?
I know he won't play all Bunkka stuff here on Jan 23rd, because his Bunkka tour was just here December 19th. He'll probably play some of that, but it won't be the theme. I have a fabulous feeling he's going to lay down some prime quality beats for this show. On Broadway is a very swank and renown venue, so theres no doubt Oakie will be out to impress! :) I'll letcha know how it goes if you can't make it ;)
Personally I would take the risk on Oakey, cos every time I've seen him, he's been excellent. But I have heard on here among other places, that he can be crap.
I'd go anyway.