Manumission and Space Carry-on (23/6/03)



Went to Manumission last year and thought it was quite good. Not so good this year. The show was very pap i thought, looked sooo amatuer and unless you watch the whole thing i cant see how you're supposed to follow the "murder mysteries" that they are doing. Looked badly rehearsed and all the dancers were out of sync!! :(

although, to be honest thats not really the reason you would go is it ?!?! :)Smokin Jo was on the decks and played a few good tunes. Good to hear Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52 which is always a classic. Not too busy, but such a big place so was nicely crowded for the size. Only big problem was that it was FAR TOO HOT! horrible, kept having to go and cool off outside, get the air con fixed in there guys!!!!

left about 7am to go to the Space carryon. Having never been to Space before, it was a really sureal experience esp when you go outside on teh terrace (after 10am when the music starts) and see everyone dancing! Inside was good, nice and dark so all the wasted ppl are well hidden, and it gives you chance to forget your early morning tiredness as it seems like your in a club again. Outside was really good, was impressed with the massive fans out there too as kept the whole place quite cool in the baking Ibiza sun :) Only problem is they dont do hand stamps, to let you leave and come back so we were starving and thirsty, so only stayed till about 11.30am (not bad for our first time at Space tho :)) and bottled water is 6 euros :( and tiny bottle too

Free to get in with Manumission tickets (which were 38 euros i think) which is good as Space tickets alone are about 20 euros anyway, and youve gotta go there sometime, its amazing, brilliant atmosphere and EVERYONE is there to enjoy the music and the atmosphere, and you have no beer boys and the football crowd are still in bed after getting wasted in the West end :D

my advice tho, get some food after Manumission and rehydrate then go into Space (queued for about 10 mins by the way, only time we queued at any club all week) its the only way you're gunna survice all day (and get to Bora Bora over the road if you want in teh late afternoon ;))
Yep ditto all of that! I loved the carry on (there at the same time as you). Really funny to see all the people in pirate outfits, the limbo comp etc. They were bringing round huge trys of lovely fruit, the music was spot on. Plenty of room but lots of people too and all having fun, dancing chatting, partying. I think we stuck it out till around 1pm but started to flag! Mind you we had done Pacha, Bora Bora, WLSAS, PinUp Manumission, Space by then, LOL

I was glad I stopped in at the hotel on the way and showered and changed though. Like you say it was way hot during Smokin Jo's set and there's nothing like a shirt that doesnt even have a single dry spot on it to make you feel messed up! Who was that guy in the tree too? Got covered in leaves from him shaking the branches to the music!
cus we were staying in SAn An we thought we'd follow the crowd from Privilege to Space so we knew how to get there, then went straight in with very little water and no food, and soon regretted it, if we could have gone out and come back in we would have stayed all day probably, as we needed a major recharge

never saw the guy in the tree at Manumission tho, we were dancing at the back on teh lower dancefloor bit
Cheers for the review Steven R, picked up some top tips there buddy. Went to Manumission last year with every intention of following onto Space via the disco bus they had arranged. If you had seen the state of most of my mates (MIA's :lol: ), you'd understand why we failed to go. We have been regretting it ever since. :cry:

This year however, we are going to make it there whether I have to go there on my own or i have to kick some ass :twisted: . I'm going to follow Paulsubs lead and get changed back at the hotel before we go rather than hop on the bus straight away......even Sure deodorant isn't that good.
Dr Fox said:
Cheers for the review Steven R, picked up some top tips there buddy. .

hey!!! that was my review not Steven R's!! :)

and in reponse to the other question we DID get free entry to Space with our Manumission tickets in June, but i can see it maybe being just a discount once busy season kicks in...but not sure