Making the most out of my big w'end - 12th July


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I haven't been to Ibiza before and this may be my last chance for a etc. We're going out on the Fri eve, leaving v.early weds. I want to be in decent shape for We Love Sundays and DC10. I thought I might go for Pacha fri night and take a break sat night. My friends want to do Hed Kandy Sat but I think that'll leave us wrecked for space.

Any comments.....we're staying in San Ant bty

P.S. I really cannot wait :D :D :D
Saturday is always my day of rest in Ibiza but then again I'm an old bint lol :p I tend to go out for nice meal Saturday night and then be at my best for Space.

If you go to Hed Kandi Sat night then I personally wouldn't go straight to Space afterwards cos Terrace doesn't open til 10am and it's a long day/night ahead of you. I prefer to get to Space midday after a good nights kip on Sat night. Also if you're planning on doing DC10 Monday then it's going to be a long old sesh.

If you're staying San An bay I would recommend going to Kuhmaras or sunset strip to watch sunset and then go eat at one of sunset bars or get some really nice grub just further up at Kasbah.

Enjoy :D
Thanks Barbs
I tink maybe I'll chicken out of Hed Kandy cos I know I'll be too fxxked for Space and DC10. Problem is the other two amigos will want to go and will tempt me...wha time is it good to get to space at?
Well Space opens 8am Sunday til 6am Monday. Terrace is open 10am til midnight.

I get there about midday and do the 12 hours til terrace closes at midnight and then I'll probably leave but that's cos inside of Space doesn't really do it for me.

I like early afternoon at Space tho cos you get Def Mix afterparty and there's a bit of room to dance but still cracking atmosphere. By 6pm onwards terrace will be heaving.

You get band that allows you to leave Space once during the day so you might want to pop out to Bora Bora for an hour and then head back, depending on who's playing sometimes I pop out around 5pm but more often than not you can't move me off that dancefloor :D