Making pass at the gay boys



Is there any possibility for a gay boy to make a pass at the boys in San Anotonio? Could I get to know somebody just on the street / promenade? What to do not to make something fool? Thanks for your help
i guessing he has consulted an english-whatever european county he is in dictionary...they never make any sense a bit like me
Yeah I think the" What to do not to make something fool "bit went wrong!! Good try though...........sorry no Idea what the answer to his question is though!!
I'd say that on the whole, San An might not be the best place to start chatting up other men as you might end up with a black eye. That is, unless you are pretty sure that they are also gay but San An didn't strike me as having much as a gay scene to it.

You'd probably have more luck in Ibiza Town though as it has it's own Gay area and is more open-minded about those things.
Apparantly Figueretas is quite known for its gay culture- not sure though, correct me if im wrong anybody!
kitten's head said:
That is correct. There was quite a bit of 'cruising' going on when I was there.

Yeah, I reckon that too - not gay myself, but noticed it more there than in say San Antonio.
yeah mate make a pass at the lookie lookie guys,there well up for a bit of shirt lifting, here there well hung in the trouser department as well.