Made In Italy, Formentara


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Anybody been to this?? How was it?? The Italians are usually absolutely bananas (judging from Vertigo in London). ;)
Gaz, it's the same Vertigo but I went to Pacha London. Not nearly as good a venue as the Cross but still amazing music, Unfirtunately, I can't make Vertigo on Sundays.
trouble for me Pacha London brings back memories of its previous incarnations and isnt all that to be honest

vertigo @the cross, try and make it
sunday/monday clubbing

hyazakyte said:
Anybody been to this?? How was it??

i suppose you are talking about the club xueno in es pujols - owned by the people behind made in italy!! ;)

here are their parties:

· mondays: tribal house - dj buty
· tuesdays: deep house - dj joel
· wednesdays: balearic sound - dj pippi
· thursdays: luca de gennaro (mtv)
· fridays: césar de melero
· saturdays: jon sa trincha and dj buty
· sundays: disco 80s - joan ribas

and here is their website: (still under construction)

Mc :D
update!! :eek:

· mondays: chill out sessions (dj buty)
· tuesdays: on rotation - flower power, la troya asesina, etc
· wednesdays: dj pippi
· thursdays: made in italy pre-party (luca de gennaro, ralf, alex neri, cocolutto, etc)
· fridays: djs from ibiza (césar de melero, josé padilla, etc)
· saturdays: formentera residents (dj buty, etc)
· sundays: disco 80s (joan ribas)