made in italy @ amnesia on fridays!!


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made in italy will move to amnesia after six years at pacha!!

:arrow: made in italy - every friday @ amnesia :!:

interesting move.....
never went but i always assumed they were doing well at pacha.
will the italian crowd favour amnesia???

The Italian music is so F**king great......en the girls are so beatifulllllll
i was forced to attend to party "made in italy" on monday 12 august 2002 coz they didn't warn people that they change the schedule ..i was expecting to see r sanchez mixing 4 8 hours...he played 1h & then the pirati party!
f***in boring...can't find the word to describe this kind of "weird" music :lol: & italian male, f***in rude on the whole! :lol:
thanx dude!what a dumb am i? :lol:
:twisted: never seen this advert coz i stick to advert in mag such as dj mag or ministry :rolleyes:
my m8 was pissed off coz he missed the cocoon party! :arrow: netherland girls & german girls :lol: coz we r not keen on tekno! 8)
thanks to my connections with the italian mafia!! :eek:

andate tutti a fanculo!! <---

ciao roberto,
DaCapo :twisted:

(there are billboards round ibiza town already announcing it ;) )
there is always two sides of a story like this.

why would they sack them?
they left voluntarily because they wanted a change?

who knows? who cares?
taken from their website:

MADE IN ITALY IBIZA - Summer 2004 - every friday resident at AMNESIA Ibiza

hmmm there goes Amnesia on a Friday nite :rolleyes: - wait, I need to check up on their website b4 judging ;) and give the night ago before making any decitions! :D see guys im learning!
judging from what I heard on the website, the music wasnt really my style...and I think it would have suited Pacha way better than in Amnesia...