Lucky lucky men? and where to go from 6/30-7-6



What are the lucky lucky men? Why should i look out for them? What do they look like? Also i have been One time but went to some dismal clubs, probably wrong nights. I like hip hop but i just want to be where the party is and the ladies are plenty.....
lookie lookies r african fellas who banter u into trying to buy there crap fake gold jewrelly and sunglasses normally its just a cover so they can banter u into buying there cheap coke hash and pills(i got 3 for 3 euros once :D )but anyway u dont wanna hear about that dont fcuk them off cause they could get nasty be friendly and they treat u like a god normally find em round the streets of san an and pdb,by the way theres a party on every night mate u shouldnt find any problems oh and theres plenty of woman but dont go to the west end as u mite pick something up,know what i mean
Beware of looky looky men, I got one arrested last year in west end, he brought out a gun and the police were near by so I waved them over and they lifted looky looky man cuffed him and put him in police van , he had so many drugs on him and cos I was not buying any he got his gun out. who knows if it was real or not. I legged it qickly, cos they all gathered aroung the streets loads of them, it was scary, they f**k me off, wasting your time with their crap.Avoid at all costs please. :x The woman are just as bad they are hair braiders by day and prostitutes by nite, I have been told by my male pals. There is no stopping these freaks.