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the club lucifer in marina botafoch (underneath the hotel el corso) is open on friday and
saturday nights from midnight to 6am :!:

more info about lucifer here:

from next saturday it also will be open as an afterhours on saturdays and sundays - from
7am until the afternoon :!:

resident djs: nano vergel and sergi

I visited the Island in early May this year. Did Pacha on Sat night & got talking to a few people. Met a really great chap called Shane who took me & the Mrs to Lucifers when Pacha closed. It was a struggle to get in as Pacha closed early because of a triathlon event in the town and everyone in the know headed straight to Lucifer. It is a very local crowd but all seemed friendly and we had a fab time. Music policy is tribal house. I enjoyed it far more then Pacha. It has that underground DC10 fell to it.
Highly recomended. Not for the faint hearted though!
as i answered before ...

i think someone is wrong in the main page of ibiza spotlight ...
lucifer doesnt open as cafe latino on weekend nights.
it was open as cafe latino in the summer nights.
now it is house , the nights and the mornings
McRackin said:
is open on friday and saturday nights from midnight to 6am :!:

although they made a lot of promotion (even an ad on the cover of one of the 3 newspapers)
seems like it didnt work and lucifer is now only open as an afterhours during the day!! :p


McRackin said:
resident djs: nano vergel and sergi

and different guests every week!! :idea:

sergi is resident dj at km5 during the summer!! ;)

entry with flyer: 10€ including a drink (girls enter free)!! :D

the previous pictures are from 2001. time for some pictures from this year:







McRackin said:
entry with flyer: 10€ including a drink (girls enter free)!! :D

bottle of water: 5€

(tip: if you ask for a glass of water you only have to pay a symbolic contribution - 1€ or whatever!! ;) )
apart from saturday and sunday mornings lucifer is now also open on wednesday nights
with dj sergi plus guests and free entry :!:


So, in short, will Lucifer open next summer as an after-hours or by night?
Im very interested in giving it a go after seeing those stunning pics and knowing its not for the faint hearted.