Lucien Foort - download this set

Very impressive, did you download it or just listen? I wouldn't mind burning it to cd but unfortunatly, I don't know how to save it :spank:
thanks for the tip there v-good set! How did u come about hearing about hearing of him!
He was on the Gatecrasher summer sound system tour down here a couple of years ago. Big tour with big names. I had heard that he was one to look out for. Best set of the night, he tore it apart. Not bad given Hawtin, Slater, Masters at work, Tall Paul, Van Burin, Green velvett, Seb Fontaine, Choo Choo Romero etc were there as well.

He's on a world tour now and i believe he's playing the Gallery in London early March.
He ballsed a couple of mixes up mind, but the tunes are top quality. Sorry for being picky. :lol:
He did a good mix of The man with the red face a few years back.