Luciano tracklist please!!!!!


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Please can anyone really help me out and post me the full luciano tracklist from 1/8/09 essential mix at wonderland im desperate for it and cant get it anywhere the lists I have seen miss off 3 of the songs and its really the 3rd track i want
Many thanks in advance
Thanks for reply no its not that anymore help anyone got a beat on something like 'pincha ket' 'pincha ket' over and over
Hi thanks for that but its not that come on someone out there can put me out of my misery....please!!!!
No definately not its on Luciano set at wonderland essential mix it comes in at 6 mins 27 secs until 13 mins 09 secs then back in at 1 hour 07 mins until 1 hour 16 mins please someone!!!!
can you not get the tracklist of radio 1, they sometimes have the tracklistings for essentail mixes
Hi Thanks no they dont have it its 1 hes been banging out a bit on his sets but cant get the track id anywhere surely someones got an idea
great track... for him to play it twice in an hour, it has to be a fave of his!! love the way he keeps dropping santos in his sets too!

actually what is the track before and after santos...?
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